Are you looking for a landing page builder for your WordPress site and not sure which one to choose? SeedProd has been a powerful Coming Soon Page and Maintenance Mode plugin for WordPress and they’re expanding on what the plugin offers to help website owners. In this video, we will cover some of the incredible new features of SeedProd.


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SeepdProd’s original interface has been updated to a drag and drop lightning-fast page builder to give you more control over how you want to design the content and includes revisions to revert any changes when you need.

The landing page builder gives you quick and easy access to add images, embed videos, add eye-catching buttons, and customize the columns on your page. To make the design process even easier there are plans for adding more templates to select the design you want.

There are multiple integrations with tools like MailChimp, Drip, Zapier, and other tools and from talking with the founder, there are plans in the future to include a Zapier integration.

All of this is active and more is planned for the future of SeedProd so come and take a look at the new additions to the SeedProd plugin!

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    5 replies to "[NEW FEATURES] SeedProd Landing Page Builder + New Templates and More!"

    • Chris Bradley

      can someone tell me what's the easiest drag n drop builder for wordpress? I have no freakin idea what I'm doing (only started using wordpress the other day) I'm not good with tech stuff I just want to build a nice site without it becoming a headache, any ideas?
      I'm trying visual composer and elementor but I heard elementor makes your site load slower? I'm really stuck guys…

    • abralaventana

      Christina, you have the best voice! ūüôā Great content, always.

    • Gail

      Greetings Christina (forgive me if that's not how you spell your name.
      I want to wish you and Syed Happy Thanksgiving! I'm grateful for your both and the help you provide.
      May Thanksgiving be a time of joy for you both, your families, and friends.


      at the moment i'm searching only for the email capture feature… does that work also outside the landingpage-builder or is there an plugin that can collect email adresses like that… store to database and export it later. regards from austria

    • Thakur

      Good information

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