If Funnelytics, Kartra, and Kajabi had a baby… it would be called


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    12 replies to "New Funnel Building Platform Demo – Is It Any Good?"

    • Blue Brain

      How do you set up your Stripe settings? Can't find the menu where I'm supposed to put in my API keys

    • Private List

      Hi John, first let me thank you for the great tutorial. I am in the trial period now. What I noticed so far, is that they don't support Stripe test account, they don't have 2-step checkout, they don't have product variants. I was trying to use it to sell physical products. I am still optimistic about the future of it compared to Groove. Has anyone tried to sell physical products with it? Is it recommended? Page builder is still lacking

    • Jamie Morikawa

      Is the $500 deal still available

    • The Change Agent HUB

      Hey John, I purchased InfluencerSoft a few months ago and fail in creating my 1st funnel. 2 months later, support is still unable to help me. Do you use it for your funnel and have you had success? Ideally I need an expensive ongoing influencerSoft support VA but it doesn't seem like anyone has trained any VAs in this system (I made a request on their FB inner circle and had zero candidates!). I questioning whether or not I should keep it and it's probably too late for a refund but there's not much appeal in having a non recurring payment with my CRM/Funnel system if it doesn't work or has no support what so ever! Wandering if you offer InfluencerSoft support or know someone? Thanks!

    • Tony Bianco

      Hey John. I just bought influencersoft through your affiliate link.

    • Noa Hay

      Can you make it work together with WordPress (for seo) as well?

    • Protektt Anti-theft Alarm System

      Please can you do a review on groovefunnels vs influencersoft? I'm torn between the two

    • Rick Straker

      Hi John, does InfluencerSoft have some sort of course hosting / LMS capability?

      I'm new to all this, so not sure if that's exactly the right question.

    • Murray Wilkinson

      sorry meant to ask, does it have a membership site as well?

    • Sergio Vitali

      Hi John, can the A / B test also be applied to a landing page from the traffic source (FB, Google Ads)?

    • Mr. Karnley

      Great job John, because of your experience with other platforms, you were able to figure your way around and you did an awesome walk through!! This is a great platform based on the roadmap as layout. I am subscriber to the platform, I'm pleased with where it's going and the all-in-one functionalities that is in the works. This is a great time to take advantage of the pricing! At the current stage, I wouldn't recommend it for someone new to funnel building/email marketing or all the awesome features this platform emcompasses, this is because the current learning curve isn't that simple for newbie users, one might just get frustrated not knowing how to perform simple task. Currently, there isn't any tutorial videos …partly due to the frequent updates I guess, but for mid to advance user like you who is familiar with other similar platforms, I would highly recommend it because of the current offer and where the product is going. You did a great job on the fly…looking forward to more tutorial videos once you figure things out; like list building, tagging, sequencing, etc!

    • Tony Bianco

      This looks like an upgraded version of builderall. Makes me wonder who is licensing who’s software.

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