Are you an online course creator? Then you’re going to love our new sales page template specifically made to help you sell your online course. This template follows our recommended sales page blueprint based on research into high-performing online courses. It’s available for free inside of Thrive Architect right now. Check it out!

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The online course sales page template includes a beautiful above-the-fold (1:21), a countdown timer to promote any special offers (3:38), step-by-step copywriting instructions (4:19), a fully editable box-shot course graphic (5:50), a sticky call-to-action (7:26), benefits section (8:20), testimonials (8:54), module boxes (9:18), a bonus section (10:20), about-the-author (10:59), value section (11:49), pricing table (12:01), guarantee (15:00), frequently asked questions (15:17), and a personal sign off (15:30).

This template is available inside of Thrive Architect right now! Check out Thrive Architect for WordPress here:

Looking for more inspiration? We published two epic articles about online course sales pages to help you build a page that converts and that sells more enrolments. Here they are:

** For selling an online course for more than $250:

** For selling an online course between $19 and $250:

    30 replies to "New Online Course Sales Page Template"

    • Nickaldo C. Harvey

      how do you get the tabs to open and close at 15:20?

    • Eric Beaty Creations

      How do you use Thrive Apprentice to create a temporary open/close course like you mentioned at 3:43 in the video?

    • André Casal

      I'm impressed by how good this template is. Five stars 👌

    • Jay Moulton

      Nice summary of a strong landing page!

    • Mindset Bliss

      Amazing work Bradley! Although I knew the template existed my Thrive, I had know idea how thought out it was. So nice to have the teams expertise on how to set-up a proper sales page baked in. Thank you so much.

    • Keith Luscher

      This template was a LIFE SAVER. Just went live today:

      Thank you so much guys!

    • Ilahi

      I think you convinced me that I come to thrive

      I've had igloo so far which require $ 500 a month and they still have these features for a long time

    • remy birambeau

      Hi, great job, really. I am new to thrivetheme templates. Is it possible to make the discount more visible, like to show some Barred prices ?

    • InquisitiveMind23

      Shane, you have competition. Well explained Brad. I love all Thrive instructors/presenters. You all explain well. This is one of the best. Very well explained. I am launching a course, this came at the right time. ❤️

    • Frank Felker

      Great template! Is it possible to add a third pricing option column?

    • Jonathan Lommel

      That is more than amazing! Thanks a lot, this template will help me build a salespage in a hurry!

    • Libor Bednarik

      Great template! I dig it…. but is there a way to resize the countdown timer? It's too big. Thank you

    • Michael Charles

      Great video, this Template is a godsend!

    • Khuram Javed

      This template is perfect for beginners who don’t know about copy and flow in a sales funnel. Excellent videos as always!!!

    • Best SEO Class

      Hello great video. Question: How does one change the thumbnail for the Video at the top of the page? Thank you

    • Rick Ellwood

      Wow, Wow, Wow! Thank you all at TT for this feature, I know that I have a learning curve to go through with this but it is something that I need to pull my products together. Very impressed.

    • Kartoffel Knorkator

      Hi there!

      Thanks for the great introduction video and for the new template.
      I am also using Thrive Apprentice and Sendowl – does Sendowl allow to create subscriptions like you mentioned in the video? I thought that only one time payments can be realized by using Sendowl and Thrive Apprentice.

      Please let me know your thought on this.

      Thank you!

    • Douglas Campbell

      Ok. So I wanted to give an update. First, I just downloaded the new template and it is AWESOME. Exactly what I needed and was hoping for from Thrive Themes. Second, my website was having an issue with some of the scripts from the templates and content blocks that I wanted to use. The issue was not on Thrive's end but a problem with one of our plugins. They discovered the problem and told me how to fix it. I now have the beginnings of an incredible Sales Page from Thrive Themes. Thanks, Matt and Shane!

    • John Ruman

      This is an amazing video and template. Truly amazing for everyone. Thank you for making this in such detail and quality!

    • Dusan Cvetkovic

      Thanks for this video and the template!
      }In the FAQ part, how do you change "text hyperlink" from orange to some other color? I have issues finding where to change that. Is this maybe a page setup thing?

    • Douglas Campbell

      PS I don't think problem is Thrive Architect but Boss Social Learner template. Thrive is investigating.

    • Martin Hamilton

      Nice. Well done.

    • Best SEO Class

      Hello great video. Question: How does one change the thumbnail for the Video at the top of the page? Thank you

    • Vitality Living College

      This totally knocks crooks funnels out of the park …trust worthy and reliable Brad @ way to go

    • Vitality Living College

      Thanks so much for this – love this – pls note that timer countdown is not mobile friendly – check it out and

    • Douglas Campbell

      Can't wait to use. Hope we can fix thrive architect to work on my site.

    • Moshe Zuchter

      Thank you thank you thank you 🙏 I've been meaning to redo my sales page and this is useful and inspiring. Would love to see more of these.

    • Jay Forno

      You guys did a great job! Love how you went the extra mile and created a real, working template that's virtually plug and play AND added instructions on what to say in each section. Today it seems like even the big companies like leadpages half ass their templates and don't finish the details for users, even though they easily could, so bravo to you all

    • Rosinaldo Fonseca


      One question: is it possible to have a "dynamic pricing table"? For example, when the countdown timer is running the pricing table shows the discount price with a button to the checkout page with the price offer, BUT when the countdown timer is up, then the pricing table shows the regular price without the discount and its button redirects to the regular full price checkout?

      Thank you in advance!

    • Kelly Paris

      Oh my gosh. Best timing ever. Thanks thrive!! 🙏🏻😍

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