WordPress vs New Zenler: How I moved my entire membership site from WordPress to New Zenler in 7 days. I will show you the behind the scenes exactly what’s included in the all-in-one platform, and how you can use it in your own business.

Check out New Zenler for yourself: https://changegrowachieve.com/newzenler

I’m pretty happy to have moved the https://www.salesheroacademy.com over to New Zenler and so far, students are loving it. In my last video on the costs to build a membership site https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t8CoFDj-JaI I shared why I was moving and what I was replacing. I gave myself ten days to move it over, and it was done in a week!

Video timestamps (click to jump ahead):
00:00 – start
1:23 – Overview
2:50 – Creative ways to build a membership area for ANY business
5:12 – Site settings, SEO, page editor
8:32 – Email marketing, funnels, and integrations
10:13 – Courses, memberships, and communities
16:25- Events and livestream
16:58 – Partner program, and affiliates
18:07 – Support and Facebook group awesomeness

As you can see, I’m very happy with making the switch!

Keep in mind that if you sign up through my link, I’ll give you 30 minutes free coaching on helping you strategize your own platform. https://changegrowachieve.com/newzenler

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Hey, I’m Joe Girard with Change Grow Achieve and I’m solely focused on helping you and your teams win. I’ve been coaching and consulting companies all over the world and have done speaking for a number of global brands at their sales conferences. I work every day with clients in the trenches, coaching them face to face and online. Everyone can get better at selling.

I’ve been at this for almost two decades still just scratching the surface of what makes people tick, how to deal with the changing nature of customers, & sales in this increasingly complex digital age. The past few years I’ve focused on helping my clients build playbooks and conversation roadmaps.

All without having to be a “Salesy Weirdo.”

I want to help you win at selling and feel good about helping more of your customers. If you you’re looking for a “crush it, kill it, close it, hustle harder” kinda sales guy, you’re in the wrong place. I’m sick of that “sales bro” mentality. If you know you can do more and want to level up, let’s do this. Together. My goal is to help you simplify selling and have fun.

I’m just looking for cool clients and cool projects. Simple.


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    4 replies to "New Zenler vs WordPress to build a membership site: How I moved my whole site in 7 days"

    • Change Grow Achieve - Joe Girard

      Over the next while, we are going to get creative with using a PLATFORM to support standard websites in the backend. Some cool ideas have already started rising up!

    • Sash Window School

      Great video, I have just signed up for New Zenler, this was a great insight into the platform.

    • Carolina Zokalski

      Totally lost on how to operate from now on. I’m a tango dancer who owns a small school. We close in March and I don’t see it will be safe for us to re open any time soon. I’m teaching virtually (some) but need to find new ways of engagement through online learning. This looks totally cool but complex, can you help me? I’ve been using Zoom and FB and constant contact for emailing list. Thank you!

    • Healthy Transformation - HiiT

      Great job Joe! Keep the content coming!

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