The Nvidia Shield TV is Hands Down the KING of Streaming Devices! But it’s also a Powerful way to Game as well.

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    6 replies to "Nvidia Shield Review (The BEST For Streaming and Gaming?!!) EP867"

    • Geekoutdoors

      What Do You Think About the Nvidia Shield Compared to Other Streaming Devices or Even Game Consoles?

    • Majin2606

      Really….Nvidia….you had one job….You did the ps4 controller style…………………………………………..trash

    • Softail Deluxe

      Can you recommend a good universal remote that also works for the Nvidia shield and your tv. I'm not to big on the remote that comes with it due to it not having a power button on the remote and I don't like the slide volume ?

    • ambhoy

      Just arrived mine last monday and damn, I was angry for not buying it last year.

    • Lance

      Thanks for the video! I am getting one of these myself. Are you going to use Kodi and if so that 'Kodi builds' do you recommend? Are you going to install some APKs for some video content like Terrarium?

    • Edgat Alarcon

      By any chance could u do a video and Downloading emulators and rom to play retro games?

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