Check out Kimberly (a non-coder) explaining how simple it is to add a custom field (drop down actually) to an Infusionsoft Order Form. Go Kimberly!

In Kimberly’s works “If I can do it, anyone can!”


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    • Jason Buckner

      This is Great thanks Kimberly
      Can you tell me can you restrict the number of people that can choose event 1 for example?
      Eg we only have 1 avaliable of each event on each day?

      THanks in advance

    • Candice Andersen

      Thanks for sharing! This was extremely helpful! How would you manipulate the spacing? My drop down nearly touches the billing information boxes and it needs more room to breathe.

    • Jason Thomas

      Nevermind, I got it working!

    • Jason Thomas

      Thanks for sharing. I have been able to successfully get the dropdown to appear on the order form but when I test it the data doesn't populate in the contact in Infusionsoft.

    • Bracha / Jewish Workshops

      Where do you find the HTML code that you paste into the Order Form? Thanks.

    • ON THE FUZE - Australia's Leading Team of Infusionsoft Certified Consultants

      @Frank Troglauer Jr If you want to hook into the required fields that Infusionsoft reports on with the popup you can do something like this:

      <select class='regula-validation checkout' id="event-dates" name="Contact0_Event" data-constraints='@Required(label="Event Date", groups=[customer])'>

      By adding the extra attributes data-constraints and class it will inject it with the already existing code that Infusionsoft uses to check required.

      Hope that helps!

    • Frank Troglauer

      How would you make it a required field?

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