KnowBand OpenCart Infinite Scroll Extension is an extension which offers seamless navigation over the old pagination system. With the help of this extension, the store Admin can easily eliminate the requirement of the old pagination system by always stacking the products as the shoppers look down the listing pages. With endless scrolling, the store users can easily browse all category products on a single page. With the help of this, shoppers need not go one page to another to view more products. It also helps to decrease the bounce rate of your store by keeping the buyers progressively connected with and subsequently remain longer on the store. The OpenCart Infinite scroll extension helps to make the user shopping experience better. There are many striking features of the Infinite Scroll for OpenCart which are mentioned below:

1. Easy configuration: OpenCart Infinite Scroll extension offers multiple configuration options which are also easy to use.
2. Seamless shopping experience: The quick scroll functionality of this extension makes the customer’s shopping experience better.
3. User-Friendly Interface: Drop down scrolling module allows the store Admin to pause infinite scroll feature after a certain interval of pages.
4. Interactive viewing options: With the help of this extension, the shopper can easily view the products in the“Grid” or “List” listings on the desired page.
5. Start hunting from the beginning: The OpenCart fast scroll extension provides “Go to Top” button at the bottom of the page.
6. No coding or technical knowledge required: Infinite Scroll for OpenCart provides the functionality in which you do not need any type of coding knowledge and technical skills.
7. Compatibility with all theme: This module is compatible with all the themes.
8. The SandBox game: With the help of this functionality, the store Admin can test the module functionality before making it live.
9. Responsive: OpenCart Fast Scroll module is completely mobile-friendly.
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