On this Openshot Tutorial, you’ll learn how to create Subtitles or Close Captioning for Videos.

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    23 replies to "OPENSHOT TUTORIAL: Adding Subtitles and Captions Geekoutdoors.com EP501"

    • Evan Tsou

      Thank you so much

    • kefas sgs

      Starts at 5:20


      Hi Sir of Geekoutdoors: I have a question for you. If I want to create a 10 minute long video in OPENSHOT, how may I set or adjust the timeline, so I can see all the minutes, and seconds, until the 10th minute, where my video will end.? Kindly appreciate your answer. Thanks. Jose.

    • Englishwithvivian

      Hi, Can I ask you something? I notice there is a word ‘effect’ on your open shot but mine doesn’t have, do I have to pay to upgrade that? Thanks

    • Tabi

      Thank you so much I am subscribing!

    • Lexi Atel

      Thanks for showing people how to do this! I have been trying to do it on my own without luck! When it comes to lowering the duration of the footer text, you can just go to the camera scroll and adjust the mask to the makers that you set. It makes it so you can get everything precise. It's pretty cool.

      Basically, I had it all down, besides putting it in it's own layer/track. face palm

    • Research and Build

      Ugh open source video editors are such trash

    • M R P

      Hello, can I use Affinity Designer for the text/caption instead of Inkscape?

    • Hebrews 12:1-3

      thanks man , that was helpful

    • RandTube

      really helpful thanks!

    • Pubg Chanell

      can i move the subtitles?

    • HiTech Beats

      Bro just a tip. i like how u went and depth and shit but all i needed to know was how to put them in, ended up clicking off the video cause my attention span is too low.

    • Teemu Ovaska

      Have you tried speech-to-text applications and then copy-paste texts to your videos instead of writing all the texts?

    • Dee Dee

      I installed inkscape but open space software still tells me to install it and isn't directing me to the inkscape software I had already installed. Suggestions?

    • Chase Li

      very helpful details for a beginner, thank you

    • TAYLOR Abigail Jie-tong

      thank u for teaching me how to add subtitles i love you

    • Ludwig van El

      And, while you're at it, why not try to move the text to the top of the screen? So YT'sautomatic subtitle generator / translator doesn't end up covinger it?

    • Ludwig van El

      In Inkscape, why not resize the text field?

    • Emmanuel Jebarajan

      Unable to change font even after using inkskape. Whatvtobdo?

    • Lionboilol

      Great Video! Could you please explain how to download inkscape?

    • Shabraz K

      you head is like a pyramid, i am enjoying your tutorials, nicely expalined

    • Geri Onderweegs

      Thanks you so much for your video but I have still some questions. I noticed that within OpenShot you can change the font or size of the text I wish to add to a clip but I cannot…Whatever font or size I choose, nothing changes UNLESS I use Inkscape.
      Second, I noticed that on top of your screen, you can click om the typed textlines, which you easely can copy to the timeline..In my OpenSHot there is no such line on top of the screen,. I am using version 2.5.1. Can you help me?

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