On this Openshot Tutorial, you’ll learn how to use Split Clips, Add Clips to Timeline and use the powerful Preset Menu Features.

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    11 replies to "OPENSHOT TUTORIAL: Split Clip, Add Timeline, Preset Menu Geekoutdoors.com EP483"

    • pts chemistryclass

      How to trim the borders of a video using openshot? to remove the taskbar and status bar etc. thanks.

    • W么R ༒ ÝÙVŘÃJ

      Is it possible to add Timecode?? ex. 00:00:00:00

    • Yong Choo

      Really Appreciating!!!!

    • David de los santos

      What the heck?! I pay for premium to avoid advertisements. Sneaky suckers.

    • Deon Holtzhausen

      Is it possible to increase the volume? I tried to change the 1.0 to 1.5 and so on but it did not increase the volume. It will be nice to bump up the volume when needed.

    • iza_nna

      is it possible to change the sequence in timeline? the videos are already on the timeline, and i decided that i want to add one more but somewhere in the middle of timeline, between other clips. how can i make space for it without manually moving all those clips that are already on timeline? is it possible?

    • Moayad Salih

      Hi, Can you crop your videos on this programme?

    • Sorakrit Phairam

      Thanks for the video Mr. Geek. Openshot is the best.

    • Rael Dobkins

      Best tutorial on d tube brother! Thanx!! Just keep doing what u doing, cause it's perfect.

    • Donna Hiebert

      You are saving my butt Mr. Geek! In a super time crunch and I need to understand how to add subtitles. Is it simple?

    • Ereina Rose

      Hello Geek , what version of Openshot are u using? Again thanks for the video

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