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I have to tell you in this optimize press 2.0 review I have, to be honest with you. I really like this theme for a few reasons.

Optimize Press is more like a theme that allows you to put Widgets all over the place, to customize your site.

Here are just a few of the key features I love about Optimize Press 2.0:

1) Drop & Drag: You are able to move your content boxes where every you like just by holding down on the move button. You know longer have to know CSS to get the layout you was looking for.

2) Live Editor: This allows you see what you’re doing in really time as you make changes to your page. You no longer have to go back and keep refreshing the page to see the changes you made.

3) Email Integration: I really like the fact that I am able to integrate my email into Optimize Press at the API level. What this simple mean is you longer have to grab your HTML code and drop it into your site unless you want.

4) Blog Theme: The blog looks more like a blog and you have a lot more customizable things you can do to stand out and add your style to it.

5) Pre-done Page Templates: I like these pages because they give you a starting point to work from vs. starting from scratch.

6) I really like the fact that you don’t have to use Optimize press as a theme you can take the page builder and add the plugin to your current site.

7) You now have a membership plugin that is designed for Optimize Press 2.0 to secure your content. http://youtu.be/hJqKrNS7f70

8) Count Down Timer: It comes with a built-in countdown timer. I would like

This is a few reasons why I decided to pick up Optimize Press 2.0.

Learn More: https://digitaldiygeek.com/go/optimizepress/

After picking up Optimize Press 2 I notice a few Glitches within the services that I share with you at the end of the video.

Side note: after picking up the OP2 I notice it is a learning curve that comes with it so if you’re looking for something quick then this might not be for you.

With the power that Optimize Press put at your fingertips, I am more than happy to learn how to use the software plus they have training videos in place to guide you.

I would be losing too many powerful features if I didn’t pick it up.

Till Next Time,

~ Strategic Marketing Geek

Let’s make today better than yesterday.

Learn More: https://digitaldiygeek.com/go/optimizepress/

    8 replies to "Optimize Press 2 0 Review | The Good, The Bad and a Real Demo of Optimize Press 2"

    • Razak Kumbhar

      hii hallo wellcom may 8153959176 what app numbhar hellp meee….

    • Michelle Sims

      hi, do you know if there is a way to add in a full width image to the optmizepress blog feature area?  they currently have an option to add a smaller image or video, then to choose a background colour for the feature area, but i want to customise the whole thing….any help would be appreciated 🙂

    • Laura Lipinski

      Hi thanks for the review. I ordered op over your ref link. 

    • SusanJoy Grieco

      Thanks. Helpful.

    • George Cuevas

      Thanks brother for the review of the product. I'm looking at purchasing it now. I really only want to use the membership pages format. So Im going to try to use just the plugin version of Optimize press and see how that goes.

    • Ron Cahoon

      Thanks for the review. 

    • imtechshow


      I am sorry you feel that way- I had a problem with one of my sites as well. I sent support a message and they login into that site and fix the problem.

      Plus, they upgraded me to the $197 package as a way of saying sorry. In my eyes Optimize Press is awesome and support is outstanding.



      I still believe that OP2 is one of the best tools out there and it's only going to get better with time.

    • Kieron Lyons

      This is nothing short of shit, 20% of this actually work. Waste of time and money.

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