Part One: Introduction

This is a multiple video tutorial focusing on optimizing WordPress for the search engines and covers improving page speed, using Google authorship as well as video sitemaps and more.

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    • phalancs

      For everyone trying to find out what the name of the used toolbar is. It's not "Mass" "Maz", "Amaz" or whatever. It is "Moz toolbar". Unfortunately the auther of this video forgot to link or mention it. It is avalable for chrome ond firefox.

      Thank me later. šŸ˜‰

    • Laura Ann Smith

      This tutorial is useless. It is useful to the sixth part, after it is all about authorĀ  trying to sell you OptimizePress Theme. I lost an hour to find out this is only a bad advertizing. Thanks for nothing.

    • Elon Bomani

      Brian: You always over-deliver when it comes to your FREE and paid products. I really appreciate this.

      Ā I paid bigs bucks for a WP Tutorial series, and did not get any of the super secrets I found via because the info. was outdated. But, I needed info. after the hummingbird for 2014 SEO.

      This was the best by far! I am techi-challenged so I am very intimidated with trying to put a site together. You made it so easy and in two days of going step-by-step and following your recommendation to the T, I have an awesome site,

      Hey guys, it is worth watching all of Brian's videos Ā because the secret seo and video tips will bring you tons of traffic that will convert into sales fast!

      I still can't believe I did it…Some of your tips help me do things I have been trying to do for 7 years and paid thousands for people to teach me-Amazing. These tutorials are great for newbies and non-techi folks…

      Brian, What security plugins can you recommend? I have to protect my site from getting hacked. My other sites had viruses and trojans and I was forced to shut them down and lost tons of bucks. HELP….

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