– OptimizePress is a new WordPress theme from James Dyson, that allows you to create powerful squeeze pages, video launch sales pages, just like the ones from the hugely popular Kajabi but at a fraction of the cost. Watch this video to see me make a squeeze page from scratch in under 5 minutes, and see the results. Truly amazing Go get yourself a copy now.

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    • Kevin McKillop

      A lot of people using facebook PPC to drive traffic. I'd use that if I didn't have a list and facebook pages to leverage. There are also plenty of other places you can purchase traffic, beyond just Google Adwords. I'm not familiar with a lot of them, but I'm aware they exist. Ad networks!

    • creativedesigner101

      Kevin, this is awesome. Very clear and helpful. And I noticed someone else's comment about using Google Adwords to drive traffic to a squeeze page, and how Google does not see squeeze pages as proving relevant/useful content. I actually ran into this issue. And so I'm wondering what specific methods you would suggest to drive trafffic to your landing page/squeeze page, besides Google Adwords. Any input would be greatly appreciated. thanks, Tyler

    • Kevin McKillop

      You can absolutely use your own images, you are not required to use the provided images. So you can create french language buttons and link to those instead of the built in ones.

    • LeFormateurDeGestion

      I'm french and I would like to know if I can customize the button "Add to cart" or any button ? Can I create my own button in "French language" or my own images ?
      Thank you for your answer.


    • Julie Larson

      Well done, Kevin!

      Is it possible to use Optimizepress to create a squeeze page for a site that is already set up on another WordPress theme or does the site have to use the Optimizepress theme?

    • Kevin McKillop

      @almo0801 You won't get far with adwords and a squeeze page of any kind, whether you use OptimizePress or not. Google does not see squeeze pages as providing relevant/useful content.

    • Morshed Alam

      Hi, I am just wondering whether you could use the squeeze page from Optimize Press to do Ad-words Campaign?

    • Kevin McKillop

      @gcuffe Glad you liked it!

    • Kevin McKillop

      Thank you, glad you found it helpful!

    • Winnielee Chuus

      Excellent video. I love the clarity of how you present it. It's one of the best OP one I saw so far. ­čÖé

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