I have now been using optimizepress 2 for a day and got some information on it.

There is now upgrade path from old OP1 installations, all pages have to be re designed. And it is a big project.

I do like the new design and the ability to make all kinds of good looking pages. And Brendons Homepage ATM is also inclueded. This livebuilder makes it really simpel to create pages and everybody can get started using it already.

There is still some bugs in the app and sometimes it takes to long time to load a setting.

There is also a membership option included, which mean that you dont need to buy wishlist to create membershippages.

You can get optimizepress at http://bit.ly/Optimizepress2

If you want to learn more subscribe to http://appmembersite.com

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    • Daniel Graversen

      Hi Jomari
      The conversion tool cost 57$ an you can use it on all pages you want to.

    • Lalabs

      Great review pal! Thanks for reviewing this awesome WordPress theme I can use this theme to convert my clients boring sales pages into a gorgeous one. So how much it will cost me?

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