OptimizePress 2 Training – Page Builder Walkthrough, watch as I walk you though.

My other OptimizePress 2 Training Videos:
Inside The Members Area http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gEKNDSPI0qo
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Page Elements Walkthrough http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=emACgwsAaxI

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    13 replies to "OptimizePress 2 Training – Page Builder Walkthrough"

    • Success online

      whats the latest with optimize press with newest up date they seem be limiting the page builder can you still make pages with page builder  instead of choosing already done pages?

    • Heizpad

      Can I use the Page Builder for Setting up and design my Blogsite?

      Thanks for your answer!


    • Rick Sullivan Rebecca Koos

      Hey, Adam. I've watched some of your videos. Have you found a better Theme than OptPress yet?  I can't stand them. I go thru & change something, save it to every save possible, & it doesn't do it. I put the logo to the left of the menu bar, and the menu bar stays above it… I put in a title/tag line that never appears…….I loathe OP

    • Robb Gorringe - The Change Nation

      Adam, great videos. Just an idea… I think your videos would really sell on Udemy. As of right now, there's not a single person offering a course on how to use OptimizePress. (Feel free to delete this when you see it, so no one steals a good idea.) 

    • Rebecca K.

      Thanks, Adam. Just seeing someone go thru it & have the same "huhs" was helpful (like what the heck is a page thumbnail?)  Look forward to more of your videos.  Would like to see you go thru the start of a Blank Page (that's why you got that new set of options towards the end of the video)

    • Norbert Wiechmann

      he doesn´t really explain anything with any value here

    • Renato Maria Marini

      very good Adam Preiser! Compliment

    • Cheap Shopping

      Thanks for the wonderful videos. but i have a question

      How i add an external PNG or PSG SalePage File? since the format is .zip

    • John Meuldijk Official

      PS, i wonder how to make a membership homepage as a member login, with a link to the salespage. Can you make a video about that Adam? Thanks Man!

    • John Meuldijk Official

      Hey Adam, do you have the membership videos ready yet? I need them asap..lol. Thanks

    • Adam Preiser

      They are coming this week for sure! I am also going to give out my membership template.

    • Randall Walker Jr

      Good day Adam, I am a completely new user to OP. Although the past few days I have been teaching myself exactly what I believe needs to be done. The only hang up that I am having is adding user names to my join now button. I know how to do it for one single user, but I use OP for my google hangouts, and would like to give my team members their own link so when their guest click join now, it goes to their join page. Any suggests would be so greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    • Demi

      Thanks. I look forward to the membership tutorials.

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