Optimizepress 2 Training – Video Player Options
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My other OptimizePress 2 Training Videos:
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    5 replies to "Optimizepress 2 Training – Video Player Options"

    • Kim D. Murray

      Wish optimize press still gave us the option to change boarder colors Im here with a white boarder on a gray background. Not sure whats going on but in sure they are working on it .. should be adding not taking away. from 2013 to 12/2016. I have faith in them.. Kim

    • Jim Hoy

      Thanks for the training Adam. This is very helpful!!

    • Laura Thomas

      Adam, this is the closest video to help me with my problem. How do I play a video I'm hosting with Amazon S3 with the default optimize press video player? I don't want to buy EVP just yet and need a cheaper option but need a player right?. I would rather not use You Tube if I can help it.

    • Dan Freeman

      Keep up the great work!

    • Jill Harrington

      Adam, Thank you so much – I was very frustrated with OptimizePress… you're making it so clear. Be sure to let everyone know that you have an affiliate link for OptimizePress! Maybe even offer special videos only to people who buy thru you… this is very valuable info.

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