Video preview of the INSTRUCT v3 membership bundle (7 templates). This bundle has been completely rebuilt with the new OptimizePress 3.0 lightning builder based on my #1 best-selling OP2 membership bundle in the marketplace here →

If you’re already an existing customer of the INSTRUCT v2 membership bundle, you can get all 7 templates from me for $35.40 (same price you paid previously). If you’re a new OP3 customer, you can get this bundle for a measly $60 USD. Note that this is a ONE-TIME payment.


[How To Get Your Hands On This INSTRUCT v3 Membership Bundle?]

Step 1) Reach out to me at with your PayPal email address AND Template Share ID*.

Step 2) I’ll create a PayPal invoice for you to complete the payment.

Step 3) Once payment is made, I’ll share all 7 INSTRUCT v3 membership templates to your account in the OP3 members hub (*remember to include your Template Share ID).

That’s it!


*Wanna find out more about the OptimizePress platform? Visit →

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