In this video we have taken a leading industry site and rebuilt it using OptimizePress.

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    9 replies to "OptimizePress Complete Website Teardown Episode1 Aweber"

    • Abstract Painting Techniques with Andy Morris

      Great tutorial, thank you for uploading it. I'm having one problem though. I want to have two buttons in the header with the bg image behind them just like in the example webpage for Aweber. I can't figure out how to do that, can you help me?

    • Darren Cutting

      Very helpful, thank you very much

    • Sascha G

      how can i get some images like the desk picture for the background ?

    • Damjan Visnjic

      How to add menu and then image right underneath the menu without the weird white space?

    • Forrest Caudill

      These videos are great! I'm learning a lot.

      I've ran into one issue as I've been practicing by recreating the same site.

      On the "Steps Graphic" the Custom CSS put rectangles around my numbers instead of circles. I've double checked the css and it's the same.

      Any guesses as to what's going on and how to fix it?

    • Tharyn Taylor

      I downloaded the theme of this from the clubhouse, but it's not full width in my site. It's limited at 1180. I have them set as full width rows though! Let me know. ūüôā

    • Cherie Oka

      Fabulous tutorial! It serves me well, as I learn best from watching what is done. Off to put it into practice.

    • Jason DeBruler

      @OptimizePress , GREAT video!  Of all the previous videos, this tear down is easily my favorite.  I would love to see more real-world tear downs of popular sites.  I think OP is incredibly powerful, but for newbies like me, it's hard to know the correct technical approach as it relates to selecting the correct elements.  These videos make creating something awesome feel attainable.

      One quick question beginning at the 7m16s mark with the Overlay Optimizer.  I've watched that section several times and I still cannot figure out why your button is all white when you finish it in the page builder, but then when you save and go look at the live page, it's visible.  When I follow the same steps, I still have the blank white space where the button is supposed to be.  When I change the background color of the row, I can then see the outline of the button, but it's just a white, blank button.  I'm sure I missed something really trivial, but your feedback would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks!

    • Robert Roots

      Excellent video. Detailed training and explanations. Definitely worth investing the 31 minutes to learn. I appreciate the inspiration provided here to explore the additional possibilities OptimizePress 2 offers. As a customer for 4 years, I have been completely satisfied with the product, customer service and continuous expansion of offerings. Thanks!!!

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