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Table of Contents:
0:27 – What Your Home Page Does
0:50 – Get Design Inspiration
1:38 – How To Use PowerPoint To Design Pages
2:58 – OptimizePress Template Selection
3:41 – Navigation
5:37 – Feature Area: Overview
6:32 – Feature Area: Hero Image
7:44 – Feature Area: Style Selection
8:38 – Feature Area: Background Settings
10:32 – Feature Area: Headlines
11:53 – Feature Area: CTA Button (Overlay Optimizer)
13:33 – Feature Area: Conclusion
13:48 – 3 Paths Area: Overview
15:02 – 3 Paths Area: Headlines
16:05 – 3 Paths Area: Feature Block
16:54 – 3 Paths Area: CTA Links
18:18 – Recent Blog Posts Area
19:20 – Fixing Page Typography
20:27 – Testimonials
21:40 – Final Call To Action Box
23:22 – Saving & Preview
23:33 – Branded Home Page Overview

OptimizePress Custom Homepage Tutorial – Build A Influencer Home Page From Scratch (Free Template)

I’m very excited to be brining you this OptimizePress custom homepage tutorial. It’s a video a video and free template download I wish I would have had when I was just getting started. Learn how to create a home page for your site with OptimizePress.

You are going to learn how to setup a OptimizePress custom home page from scratch along with the 5 key elements of a great home page. As you dive into the tutorial and come back using the time stamped table of contents, it’s important to remember there is never a “done” moment with home page design.

Just like a landing page your OptimizePress custom homepage should have a clear call to action for visitors, which means it’s a living page that is constantly changing. Testing offers, images and headlines will eventually become part of your monthly home page redesigns.

The OptimizePress custom homepage template you’ll be getting in this video is based upon an analysis of over 30 different influencer and software company home pages to distill down the 5 killer elements you need to start with. Then it’s all conversion rate optimization and testing from there.

So, you want to know more information about Optimizepress Software… Or just OptimizePress in general. Make sure to check out the links above for a complete OptimizePress membership site tutorial, where you’ll have access to more free OptimizePress templates and OptimizePress membership site examples. The playlist will help you set up your entire site using OptimizePress.

And be sure to subscribe to the channel for more OptimizePress tutorials for landing pages, creating squeeze pages to generate new business leads, and so much more!

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    • Raphael Certain & Anthony Cocozza

      Hello ! Thank you for this video! Unfortunately I don't find neither the video or the link for the darling template in you membership website. Can you help me ?

    • Alza Vida

      Hi Jason, May I ask you another question?, How can I do to put a link on the heather of my page make with optimizepress, when I click on the heather to take me another page for example a landing page. I hope you can help me with the question. Thank you again.

    • Gordon Attard

      Jason… thanks for the great value. Do you know how to change the color of the blog footer navigation in Optimizepress? I cannot find where. Thanks in advance.

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