I’m finally out of the woods with this OptimizePress broken plug-in issue. There’s not sugar coating things, this has been a giant time suck and I don’t think I’ll ever go back to using a software from them again. Learn from my mistake and make sure you have a overly detailed documentation of all your funnel copy/images so you can easily switch solutions if the need arises.
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OptimizePress headache is over | Aspire 147

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    4 replies to "OptimizePress headache is over | Aspire 147"

    • Jason Whaling

      What solution do you use for your membership sites?

    • Andrea Gonzalez

      Are you using thrive architect or optimize press for your sales funnel?

    • Michael Gorman

      I agree WordPress is very versatile

    • Tax Action BK

      Jason, thanks for sharing your downfalls. I'm also glad you are uploading regularly again. Great content and delivery. Keep it up.

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