Using Google Analytics and OptimizePress you can easily start running your own split test experiments, silently in the background, without affecting your visitors on-page experience. You now become the company doing the testing. Once you know how to split test pages you’ll never run a list building campaign without split testing the traffic to find a higher converting page.

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    • Abstract Painting Techniques with Andy Morris

      thank you, that answered a load of questions. In my particular situation I'm wanting to split test 2 different trip wires on the thank you pg. of the opt in, so I'm guessing I'll need to set the destination the thank you pg that comes after enrollment in the course that the previous 2 thank you pages are offering. Does that sound right?

    • Tim Schmidbauer

      Great Content – what a great investment to buy Optimizepress 🙂

    • ItsTheCoolest

      Wow, excellent video instructions. Thank you!

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