Complete guide to creating an awesome OptimizePress membership portal customers will love in less than 90 minutes.

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Table Of Contents
1:45 – Site Design – Member Levels & Packages
5:25 – Settings: Name Levels
6:57 – Settings: Autoresponder Integrations
7:30 – Settings: Redirect Pages
8:03 – Settings: Home Page
8:30 – Settings: Email Configurations
8:37 – Settings: Open Registration
8:53 – Settings: Member Profile
9:16 – Settings: One Time Offers
9:40 – Settings: Anti-Spam
9:55 – Create A Open Registration Form
11:44 – Free Template Download
12:19 – Template Selection
12:31 – PAGE 1: Membership Log-In
15:04 – Membership Main Navigation
18:30 – PAGE 2: Membership Home Page
20:24 – Membership Page Settings
21:49 – Membership Page Thumbnail
22:27 – Course Menus
23:54 – Membership Breadcrumbs
25:12 – PAGE 3: Membership Lesson Page
25:58 – Membership Page Settings
26:43 – Membership Page Menus
27:20 – Course Menu Updates
28:36 – Published Lesson Page Check
29:10 – Lesson Page Breadcrumbs
30:39 – Save As Page Preset
31:40 – Adding Your Content
32:00 – Membership Downloads

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OptimizePress Membership Portal Beginners Tutorial – How To Build Your Membership Site From Scratch (Free Template Download)

This is an update to the first tutorial – OptimizePress Membership Site Tutorial for Beginners: Complete Membership Site Creation Guide: Since I got a lot of feedback that it was a bit too quick, this OptimizePress membership portal tutorial will be much longer and much more in depth.

If you’re on the fence as to whether OptimizePress 2.0 is the membership software for you, check out my Optimizepress Membership Site Review: Top 5 Reasons OptimizePress Membership Sites Rock:

Now, in this video, you will get a full in-depth nothing held back step-by-step tutorial on exactly how-to set-up and structure your OptimizePress membership portal from scratch, plus at the end I’ll show you exactly how you can download the templates used in this tutorial absolutely free for your own OptimizePress membership website.

It’s very easy to get caught up in all the features and endless design changes and forget the only thing your membership site needs to do… Deliver the content your customers want. The primary purposes of any membership site design are to deliver the membership content in an intuitive easy to navigate site that works.

The worse thing we can do as entrepreneurs and content creators is over complicate a process that should be simple. Less than 5% of your time creating your membership should be spend on building your OptimizePress membership portal site should be focused on delivering the course content.

Which is why the first part of this tutorial being all about creating a structure for your content to insure you have all your setting decided before you build a single membership site page.

Also, you may also want to take a look at our step by step guide on how to create a OptimizePress website when your done watching this OptimizePress tutorial video:

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      hi there jason,,,thanks for the great tutorial,,,i do have a question for you: how can i change the language on the login form to french??? your reply would be greatly appreciated ,,,keep up the good work,,,peace

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      Great video! I must watch this video till the end when I get home today. Though I don't intend to build a membership site right now this is good information for me!

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      Dang. I'm using squarespace and trying to create a members only page… I keep reading reviews where people say squarespace isn't good for this so I might be jumping over to wordpress ?

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