Build the ultimate membership website with OptimizePress in single afternoon. Watch this full in-depth OptimizePress Membership Site Tutorial & get free templates for your own membership site!

?Free Templates: Aspire Notebook
Click the link below to get immediate access to the Aspire Notebook where you can download the templates used in this tutorial:

In this video, you will learn how to create a WordPress membership site in just minutes using the plugin Membership or theme. OptimizePress offers a full suite membership site templates and protection functionality so you can build your membership website in less than 90 minutes.

?Get Access to OptimizePress 2.0 Here:

Table of Contents
1) Free Templates – 1:26
2) Install Details (See Link Below) – 2:18
3) Membership Site Structure (Levels) – 2:57
3.1) Membership Site Structure (Packages) – 3:37
4) Email Integration Package Issue – 4:52
4.1) Email Integration Workaround – 5:28
5) Settings: Login & Redirect – 6:29
6) Settings: Email Address – 6:39
7) Payment Gateways – 6:41
8) The 4 Pages You Need – 7:26
9) Login Page – 8:02
10) Page URL Settings – 8:37
11) Member Login Form – 10:08
12) Member Home Page – 11:51
12.1) Protecting Pages w/ Levels – 12:22
12.2) Protecting Pages w/ Package – 12:37
12.3) Drip/Delay Content – 13:14
12.4) Upsell/Redirect – 13:17
12.5) Membership Page Listings -14:35
13) Module Page – 16:28
13.1) Page Restrictions – 17:10
13.2) Membership Page Settings – 17:33
13.3) Page Thumbnail – 18:06
13.4) Membership Breadcrumbs – 19:43
13.5) Membership Downloads – 20:23
14) Downloads Normal – 20:48
14.2) Downloads Protected – 21:24
15) Module Part Listings – 22:54
16) Create Menus – 24:18
16.1) Top Menu – 24:31
16.2) Add Page to Menu – 25:52
16.3) Set Top Menu on Page – 26:47
16.4) Create New Menu – 27:18
16.5) Set Course Menu on Page – 27:48
16.6) Multiple Course Ex. – 28:23
17) Free Template: – 29:16

It may help you in future, as if you’ve been wondering how to create a WordPress membership site and this guide explains it quickly. This is not just another review of OptimizePress. After using OptimizePress for years, creating multiple OptimizePress membership Sites and comparing it to other solutions like ClickFunnels, Udemy, LeadPages, and Teachable, it’s my top pick for membership sites. You’ll see why this has become my top pick in this OptimizePress membership site tutorial.

Watch this How to Build a Membership Site Step by Step tutorial now so you can make A membership site in just 24 hours following all the guided details on membership tools, and marketing pages.

Turn your WordPress site into an advanced Infusionsoft membership site integrated with Infusionsoft’s automation tools to let your site run itself. OptimizePress can give you just as much customization and functionality. Plus, by the end of this tutorial you’ll be able to Build an entire membership area with optimizepress in less than 90 minutes.

Are easier to market than a membership site for one big reason…. You can take membership site payments with OptimizePress. Hope this post on how to Create a WordPress Membership Site helps you! This is the OptimizePress membership site tutorial I wish I had when I first got started. Don’t forget to get the Aspire Notebook to download the free membership template.

Disclaimer: Please note that all recommendations & links are affiliate promotions.

    11 replies to "OptimizePress Membership Site Tutorial For Beginners: Complete Membership Site Creation Guide"

    • Vigor Method

      Jason!!! Thank you so much for your videos! Its so hard and confusing to get a how to on optimize press! Plus im just getting started on my online business and every so called "gurus" say they can teach you how to get started and make money online and then want to charge you $997 for their masterclass, which I have nothing wrong that! I too want to be there one day however I don't Have $997 LOL I dont even have $97 to spend. Thanks again I look forward to watching all your videos! THANKS!

    • Michele Jamison

      Hi Jason! I just subscribed to your channel and also jumped into the Aspire Notebook. So excited to get my membership site up and running. So much great content inside the Aspire Notebook! Looking forward to zeroing in on it. Thank you in advance 🙂

    • Us Flipper

      Looks like mess, very complicated. I still can't understanding how to set up member page…

    • Susan Yockey

      This has been tremendously helpful, I paid for a web person, to help me link things together, she used an app called zapier to link paypal and mailchimp. People are getitng an email from me to access their login and then they are also getting a seperate login from optimize, i think maybe making it confusing for the customer, And i am realizing none of that is necessary as optimize member seems to have the trigger once they purchase. So what i ma trying t understand is how does the customer once they pay from paypal , do they get a thank you page or something and where do i create that from?

    • felipe gonzalez

      Hi.. I am working on a Membership Site. I want to add a form where people can sign up into a level 1 after they pay. How can I creat that form? …. I actually tried with Pay Pal Pro / Free Registions Form. How ever, when i click on "submit form" button, it did not works. I hope you can help me.

    • Mr. Korotana

      What i meant was i could not follow your instructions and there were lots of steps missing to get the end result of an up and running membership site…

    • Mr. Korotana

      can you clean up your tutorial and make it user friendly and take your time, bc it was sooo rushed…

    • Shari Blake

      Thank you so much!! Optimize Press was giving me a headache – I really appreciate your help!

    • Lito Ts

      Hi Jason, thanks a lot for accommodating my questions even if I am just your new subscriber. By the way, do you have a facebook group? I have another question and I hope this is not too much.

      Can we achieve that all using OptimizePress and OptimizeMember?

      1) Note we'll only have 5 modules BUT there will be multiple lessons (between 2 and 7) for each module
      2) Each module will be released a week at a time. That means that when someone starts the course, they'll get module 0 right up on Monday 1. then a we release next module on Monday 2, until all 5 modules are complete.

      3) We have decided that we'd like to introduce some scarcity into the process. Here's how it works:
      * We will have only 10 people maximum be allowed to enrol each week
      * Enrolment will open each Tuesday and close each Friday. this will be ongoing so we'll need to automate it
      * Somehow we'd like to have a countdown to indicate how many places are available. We'll say that there's a maximum of ten but we might be a bit cheeky. Here's what we mean: Let's say on Wednesday we have no indication of how many places are available. Thursday we start the countdown that says there a 3 places remaining. By Friday morning we say 2 places. Friday afternoon it might say there's only one spot remaining. Unless (obviously) we sell all 10 spots right up.

      Can Optimizepress and OpztimizeMember handle this?

    • Lito Ts

      Hi Jason, I hope I am not bombarding you with these questions. In your module template, it says, "No child membership pages found".. what do you mean by child membership pages? What is also its parent page?

    • Lito Ts

      I have successfully downloaded and used your templates but my problem is how to change the logo. I was able to change the header background using css but the logo is hard to change.

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