Optimizepress 2.0 Review 2016 and Blog Setup. Optimizepress works in WordPress. Features of optimizepress, versus leadpages. Optimizepress sets up landing squeeze pages easily, enable membership registration and set up sales funnels within minutes.

Personally I use Optimizepress 2,0 to set up my blogs. Different themes and templates to choose from. Reasons why you should get Optimizepress 2.0 in 2016:

1. Newbie Friendly, each feature has a training video that helps you instantly.
2. All in one software platform. No need for you to buy separate software for landing pages, membership page set up or sales pages.
3. Easily keep your landing pages separate from your main blog (if you want)
4. Ability to add advertisements to your blog.
5. No more guesswork on the size of the artwork required for your header banner, side bar or advertisements. Every dimension is spelled out so everything fits perfectly
6. Integrates with your autoresponder seamlessly. So easy that a Newbie can set up a landing page within 5 minutes.
7. Construct sales funnels within Optimizepress itself
8. Much more affordable than other software in the market, and Optimizepress 2.0 has more functions.
9. Ready help is available through the optimizepress helpdesk.
10. Because I am also using it and I can help you in anyway I can (though I cannot promise I can solve all problems)

Shows a demo of setting up a Landing and squeeze page using the Optimizepress live editor software. Visit the link and get my the two bonuses with your Optimizepress package.

In short, Optimizepress 2.0 is a must for every internet marketer who wants to start things right the very first time. If you try to figure out how to construct attractive landing pages, it will take you weeks or even months to set things up. Optimizepress is worth the investment because it has paid me many times over in terms of the time saved and the short learning curve. It makes creating landing and squeeze pages a breeze and once you get familiar with it, you will know what I mean.

So I hope this Optimizepress 2.0 Review for 2016 has benefited you in helping your blog setup in WordPress.

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    • tham de

      HI, just wondering why i cant edit my website. Hope to hear from you. thanks

    • Tuan Nguyen

      hi there, great video! Why do you use getresponse? Do you use leadpages or any other alternatives? Thank you!

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