| Get a Free Squeezepage installation on optimizepress

Optimizepress is one of the most user friendly wordpress theme to build salespage, squeezepages, membership sites and launch funnels. is here to help you setup your sites with minimum effort.

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    12 replies to "Optimizepress Review | FREE Squeezepage Installation | USD 67 Discount"

    • Tal Halevi

      Thanks Rajeev

    • Rajeev Kistoo

      of course you can…

    • Tal Halevi

      Can I create landing pages without the Email box, but just with a link-button that leads to a different landing page?

    • Rajeev Kistoo

      Thanks for your comments Andrey, OP works for some, is awesome for others and doesn't fit the bill for a bunch. You gotta choose what works best for you, that's life.. Good Luck

    • Rajeev Kistoo

      my pleasure ­čśë

    • Raul XersaHD

      I love the way you explained it. Very simple. We appreciate it a lot

    • joKNZ.

      finally a working tutorial! I've gotten about 6 non-working ones lol. Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts about this on it.

    • SuBz Snipin

      thought it was going to be some fake shit but it turned out to be real thanks a lot i'm glad i watched this. I appreciate that you give us this information.

    • MadArtzs

      Amazing review. You should do more videos like this

    • Rajeev Kistoo

      you should, definitely… optimizepress is the way to go…

    • Rajeev Kistoo

      No probs – We are here to help with anything regarding optimizepress.

    • Harm Kankerretard

      Immediately subscribed.

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