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    4 replies to "OptimizePress SmartTheme Q&A"

    • IWillTeachYouHowToLove

      I still don't get an understanding of Why you created the SmartTheme and what are the benefits for me. Could you explain more please? Also a demo of the Theme, I may need a visual demo to see value.

    • Oliver P

      is there a demo site we can see to preview the theme?
      i need to see one site using it before i can decide if i ll get it
      (my optimizepress support just expired, and i need to see tht theme
      before i decide) thanks!

    • Damjan Visnjic

      Can you improve membership's log in email area. I was never able to fix the issue that it wasn't sending out log in emails to new members. I even contacted the support.

    • Tom Smith

      Didn't realise the smart theme had been released! Looking forward to seeing it

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