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So something that we have, I did come to our site and I’ll link you to is always, I don’t know why the call to action is here. You need a call to action at the end of every single post and you can do that I mean this is a pretty choice WordPress site. So one thing I would look to is include the guarantee call to action and opt-in at the end of the single post you do that’s really obvious in the box and its just obvious because at the moment I cant really see where your call to action is and what I am suppose to do yes its optimize press. I would presently you want to be looking lead pages. Optimize press they’re very limited, it has this very limited design and I know its huge to other network in marketing world but I would certainly be looking at leadpages just because a WordPress theme is focused around opt-ins I then I’d have a landing pages it would just make the whole thing the more fresh and now I could show you so I mess up and stuck on this one because we split test everything including headlines so I’m pretty have just messed up, I didn’t know the click button.

So you can see down here we’ve finish up every price with some kind of opt-in that’s coded into our website, obviously with our custom website but its so easy to do and if you don’t know what you are doing let me know so I can sort out some code or where were you somehow sorting us a code for that one

shown its all by images so I’d be getting images out here, again that’s really easy code where organised plug-ins although I have plug-ins but really easy stuff here to get rid off cart, definitely you don’t want to be using two comment systems, very confusing.
I do have some kind of opt-in in the filter so people can, its just simple for people who gets the first and you want them to do something so I would look at doing that maybe. For example, one of my client’s front page buying compress lounge, Aaron so you can make more of your home page is what I’m thinking is he’s got opt-in straight on the homepage. He has some stuff of code in here because this is brand new, this website at the moment and he essentially came off with the same thing and based on the opt in here in the bottom alignment is what we are working out was to split test and that split tested and I think you would be looking at split testing your head lines. I don’t know if this is the opt-in if its new, I don’t know. Again the share buttons, so you are using, I can’t remember what plug-in that is but if you want a ready to go plug-in to really help and that kind of stuff, maybe look at using a plug in called Easy Social Share that I believe you can get from Tinpress or Tin market or whatever its called. Its easy social share plug-in for wordpress that will just make your life easy, so much quicker to load and loadeds of really good options, personally I’ve tried millions of share plugin anything like AddThis Social Share or SocialHolic or something, they’re horrendous, they slow down the site so much. This is pretty much you don’t hear in Easy Share plugin that I’ve found that I even care about otherwise you could code your own plugin and trying other social share options and again opt-ins or your call to actions are way too small and I guess this actually in the post call to action, this needs to be way, way bigger. I wouldn’t do Facebook because Facebook is now obviously limiting the

limited the number of post that people see and if you personally put some on your page, the number of people could see are very low, so that’s why you need other people sharing your content and that’s pretty obvious. Yes if this is the call to action, I would forget Facebook, I care for an email because instead of just having an email then someone wanting on social media especially Facebook on the main group. Google+ is..

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