– Is your OptimizePress templates not uploading when you upload them to your website? It’s not working for us either, so in this video you can see that I am requesting help from OptimizePress support to see how we can fix this issue that we’ve been dealing with for over 6 months now.

It would be nice if we could upload these “template files” directly to the server because that would guarantee it working successfully and then we could use these beautiful templates that we’ve been given to by OptimizePress Clubhouse.

If you have the same problem leave a comment below.

Bryan Dulaney

    4 replies to "OptimizePress Templates Not Uploading"

    • Jack D.

      Just try to refresh the page and it should appear..

    • Marco Kohns

      I also got the same problem… I´m already 2 days strugeling… this solution didn´t work for me either. If you guys know any other way to solve this, please let me know!!

    • Gavin Walsh Fitness & Fat Loss Wisdom

      didn't work for me 🙁

    • Danielle Carruthers

      I'm having the same problem here today, please let me know if you solve it!

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