How To Customize Your Menu And How To Use Multiple Menus On Your Site

    7 replies to "OptimizePress Training: All About Using Menus"

    • @GordonAttardPage

      Genevieve… thanks for the great value. Do you know how to change the color of the blog footer navigation in Optimizepress? I cannot find where. Thanks in advance.

    • @patrickmontreuil3153

      Hi Genevieve, I added a menu to my landing page but there is no link attached to each tab. When I tested my page, each time I click on a tab, nothing appear, do you have any idea about that ?

    • @tennisfitapp

      this is all nice but how you change the look of the menu?? thx

    • @katierodriguez3882

      Thank you Genevieve! You saved me a considerable amount of time and frustration. Any chance you know how to center align the menu bar, or if that's even an option within OP.

    • @cognizant2010

      Thank you very much, Genevieve Mari, Heartly thanks to you. Your video is very helpful.

    • @greagen

      Hello Genevieve,great video is there a way to add buttons to menu?

    • @ethantalley90

      Exactly what I was looking for

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