This helpful guide will detail how to access the full breadth of settings available within your Out of the Sandbox theme, as long as it has been updated to support Shopify Sections.

Out of the Sandbox Shopify Themes Available here:

* This video applies to Turbo v.2.0+, Parallax v.3.0+, Retina v.4.0+, Mobilia v.5.0+ and Responsive v.6.0+ *

    2 replies to "Out of the Sandbox – Finding All the Settings (Shopify Sections)"

    • Ian Illgen

      What about Blog post configuration? How to you get there to be three blog posts in a row vs. one at a time down the line? Thanks!

    • Luiz Centenaro

      The best themes, the best customer support. <3 Y'all at Out of the Sandbox.

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