PageBold is a platform for building stunning landing pages based on pre-made content blocks and ready-to-use page templates.

Whoever wants to create a sales page that converts visitors into customers?

We all do!

Knowing that is your urgent needs, we at PageBold have created the most powerful tool to help you build your sales page that converts.

Within only 1 hour!

PageBold is a stunning landing page builder to give you the easiest ways to create a website without coding.

Give a FREE trial and see how amazing PageBold is at

We offer you thousands of stunning and professional layouts & content blocks. All you need to do is to choose your favorite layouts, edit texts, images, etc. Here at PageBold, you can not only design the header, sidebar, footer, pages, categories, and even custom post types the way you want but also design them more beautifully and create a masterpiece right before your eyes. This landing page builder has all sorts of templates available for every web of any purpose. Your choices are no longer limited!

After done creating kinda like a masterpiece, export the file then upload it to your website.

If you are an expertise, let’s do it a new way with our PageBold. If you are a starter, this landing page builder would be a good experience for your first time.

Here’s how to get started with PageBold:
➡ Step 1: Go to, enter “Your Name” and “Your Email”, then click “Create your own sites”.
➡ Step 2: Check your email for the announcement from PageBold (take a look at your Promotions or Spam in case the mail does not show in your Inbox)
➡ Step 3: Click on the links attached to the email. Your individual page will appear with the demo design.
➡ Step 4: On the top of the left-hand corner, click the red “Edit Page” button.
➡ Step 5: Start creating your own page by “Adding a new block” to header, content and footer sections.

What are you waiting for? Join PageBold now for our free trial!

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