In this video on building a WordPress membership site with the Paid Memberships Pro plugin, we look at how to link your users with your membership levels.

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    17 replies to "Paid Memberships Pro Tutorial #5: Integrating Users"

    • neha patel

      how to import csv file to add mass users easily? can you help me?

    • Jan Španěl

      can i custom somehow the login page?

    • Rebecca Clark

      Thank you for this series! I understand membership levels, but what about non-members not having access to any part of the website until they are members?

    • Ryan Kimm

      Is there a place for recurring billing ID's from paypal or stripe if I'm putting user's into PMP from another membership plugin??

    • ivan Morales

      so do i have to manualy add all my users ?

    • ivan Morales

      this is what i get when a user wants to join any help ? ''Profile description is invalid''

    • Robert

      Very helpful excellent, thank you.

    • Maisie Mercer

      Hi can you guide me to the series about the plugin you mention in this tutorial about redirecting from login is it paid or free thanks Richard

    • Isabelle Dorion

      Hi, for some reason that I can not figure out.. i dont get to see the register or log inn. What I am doing wrong.. ?

    • TenTact

      When users who do not have a membership click on a membership only page it doesnt go to the message for non logged in members it just says "no results found" anyway to fix that?

    • Baron

      Is there a way to restrict members from accessing the wordpress backend dashboard? I don't want members messing around with any settings when logged in.

    • Terje Müller Karlsen

      Is there not an option to bulk edit users? I have 400 members i need to moe to the free account. Am I supposed to do this one by one?

    • Shivangi Prasad

      Hi. Thanks for this video. Just needed to understand if this plugin can be used to restrict unregistered buddypress members from seeing the registered buddypress members and from accessing the bbpress forum? Any reply/advice/suggestion? Thanks 🙂

    • semaj james

      is there any way to do this for 100 users at a time i got 800 and its really hard to do that one by one

    • Diva Consultant

      Thanks for these awesome videos. Very clear and concise.

    • Kimberly Swartz

      I don't see it either. What do I set "Advanced—>Filter searches and archives? to? Also is "SHOW EXCERPTS to Non-Members?" a YES? Thanks. Following along as well 🙂

    • Just Energy Radio

      I have been watching your videos for the Paid Membership Pro and have been following everything you have said, but I never seem to get the boxes that ask people to sign-in or register. And if a post is part of the subscription section, on the user that I set up for a free membership they do not appear at all. Any thoughts?

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