Is the Panasonic G85 Autofocus really that Bad?!! And how can you fix it?

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    8 replies to "Panasonic G85 Autofocus and "Fix" (Does Panasonic Autofocus Really SUCK?!!) EP897"

    • Larry Larry

      What about shooting a group of people moving around indoor?

    • Bumdog Torres

      THANK YOU! Been looking at different videos for the last couple of hours trying to figure this out!

    • aoFeliX

      Still doing it all over this video. I wish I could sell mine to someone.

    • Justice Moody

      Be fine shooting vid using MF on a Tripod tho right ?

    • Dave King

      For G85 vlogging style video shoot in 1080p AFC Tracking Focus Mode and it will work pretty well for you. Tap to focus and record.

    • Spunker

      Its still super blurry and hunting bro, i have the same camera and i hate it every bit, you need to set it to manual focus and its just garbage for many setups. i want to sell it.

    • Gordon Armstrong

      Very nice explanation and solution. I have been looking at this camera for some time and needed that to help make a confident purchase.

    • Alirio Silva

      Awesome video! My wife and I are considering buying the Panasonic G85 because of the price and in body image stabilization. Now that you've shown us how to fix the autofocus issue, we are more inclined to buy it instead of the Canon M50 for blogging and creating content. Thanks for sharing!

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