This past week, we kicked off our new Sales and Rank webinar series. On Tuesday, February 19 at 5pm EST, tune in to learn about Phase 2: Driving [Profitable] Sales With No Reviews & Without Giveaways. Casey and our R&D team will share strategies for first profitable sales generation, through:

Step 1: Early Reviewer Program
Step 2: Competitive Pricing
Step 3: Analyzing Your Competitors
Step 4: Product Targeting Campaigns
Step 5: Amazon Auto Campaigns
Step 6: Discovery Campaigns

We hope to see you there!

If you have any questions, please reach out to!

    10 replies to "[Part 2] Sales and Rank Webinar: Driving (Profitable) Sales With No Reviews & Without Giveaways"

    • Pedro Diaz

      Question. When you start the campaigns on phase 2. Do you use the fix bid option for the campaigns or always the bid down option?

    • Alexandre Ghio

      Is AMS account is necessary to make PPC? as you said that you can not target asins for product display ads in ads manager but you can in AMS

    • Alexandre Ghio

      What about the new amazon target type that you can target asins and appear just under the buybox of a specific asin? Is that product targeting campaign or it is a different one?

    • jrborgify

      Also, I cannot believe this channel only has 11k subs. Are there really only that many sellers and potential sellers interested in these topics???

    • AestheticNutrition&Fitness

      Really appreciate the content!

      "I spoke with an Amazon advertising specialist and this the tips he gave me:

      – The importance of keywords in the listing is paramount: essentially in the TITLE and the DESCRIPTION. Bullet points are important but not as much.

      – In the backend, under listing > Keywords > Search Terms = There is no need for commas in your keywords list. He said "The amazon software is smart enough to understand the meaning of each word without the commas."

      – Also, the importance of adding your brand name before everything else in the title.

      This is something that i saw on Facebook and was wondering what youre thoughts were. Mainly on the part where they said the importance of adding your brand name before everything else in the title

    • jrborgify

      To the guy on the left from R&D- please explain more in detail and cater to "if I was hearing this for the first time, would it make sense?"- mentality. Everything you are saying can be understand with some effort and only if you are an experienced seller.

    • jrborgify

      the strategies explained in Part 1 of this series really starts to make alot more sense with this Part 2 info re: keyword prioritization.

    • easyGiraffe

      when you compare the succulent plant pots you "decide" by amount of reviews and stars only in your presentation but what about taste?

    • clairecawthorn1989

      From Dubai! Enjoyed the last webinar…excited for this one. Just launched in December last year

    • Pedro Diaz

      great stuff. talking about the honeymoon period, i have an old product ( 9 months old) that I know can do much better but its not ranking for any top keywords at the moment. so the question is would this ppc method for keyword ranking still work on an older product?

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