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    • Photography by Abi

      very helpful thanks for sharing… i have a question please. initially when i started i had someone do all the optimizattion for me on my website, i later found out then didnt do anything at all. i have now installed yoast seo in my wordpress blog… do i need to go back to my old post and reoptimize them?

    • Peter Swanson

      Very Helpful, thanks!

    • Hop Off

      Very useful information! I look forward to watching additional videos!

    • sabbath69

      Thank you so much for these two videos on the Word Press SEO plugin. Your video was fundamental in making me decide that I want to install this plugin, and it taught me a lot about these SEO terminology I'm trying to learn in a hurry now that I've been put in charge of a blog at my job. Really appreciate this channel and I've subscribed!

    • Royce Jarrett

      Agreed!! I believe this specific video is very informative. By the way I use youtube to bring traffic to my site since I'm a marketer. Do you want to learn how I achieve this? In my channel you can watch my video about my youtube marketing course. Visit my youtube channel to check it out. Good luck!

    • Jane Catherine Dolan

      Thank you! For a novice, bonehead like me, it really helps!

    • Ajay Kumar

      Nice information, thanks….

    • Rashed Reza Chowdhury Arif

      very nice and useful video … thank you for share your Informative video …

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