This is a demo of a plugin that uploads the TOS and Privacy Policy. Do your own due diligence on the legal requirements for your business and merchants. More marketing tips at

    13 replies to "Plugin for Automatic Terms of Service-Privacy Policy"

    • Jonathan Ansell

      get your act together before you do these videos. too much wasted time and errors.

    • Brian Eichhorn

      Great video, thank you!

    • Malik Mubashir

      Plugin isnt available

    • Mrs Forti Vlogs

      perfect!! I think this is what i am looking for! thank you thank you!

    • Salai C Zar

      That plugin is missing in 2019

    • Yo no sé tampoco

      Thank you Kate.

    • Moe Makke

      Scratch that you keep making a lot of noises with your mouth, like you have cotton mouth. Very fucki g annoying

    • Moe Makke

      Finally someone that doesn't have a Indian accent and isn't coughing

    • Marty Boyd

      Thank you so much this was super helpful!!


      Thank you this video was very helpful

    • William Brooks

      Not helpful: Where is the "Agree-Submit" button? Hello?

    • Yurafad Mont

      Thank you Kate!

    • Guy-Paul Mitchell-Dwelly

      Nice honest tutorial Kate! I am in the UK but was a frequent visitor to Indiana back the eighties!

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