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Pressplay is a web app that creates VSL (video sales letters). Internet Marketers know that affiliate marketing and product creation are two of the most viable ways to make money online, but to rise above the competition and make your viewers NEED to have what you are offering, a killer sales page is necessary. In fact, your sales page is the actual difference between a successful and unsuccessful campaign.

Right now, Optimize Press is considered the most effective app for creating sales letters, but times are always changing, and we have learned that Videos convert a lot better than plain sales copy. Combine that with the fact most of us would prefer creating videos instead of spending hours on end coming up with a persuasive sales letter, and it’s clear to see we have been overdue for a premium VSL app.

Well it’s finally here. PressPlay is the premium VSL app that every Affiliate Marketer needs to have, including myself. Even if you do not have any technical skills, PressPlay makes the process of creating the most professional and elegant VSL as easy as “point and click”.

If you watched the demo video above, there’s not much I need to explain because you have already witnessed how user friendly and powerful PressPlay truly is. This app is a must have and developers Matt Callen and Mark Thompson are going to have a HUGE discount during the first week of product launch ONLY, which is right now.

PressPlay is arguably the biggest product launch of 2014. Creating Sales letters are a necessary part of our business and PressPlay allows you to create the very best video sales letters that have been tested and proven to convert better than sales letters created with any other app.

PressPlay Product Features

✔ Timed Opt-in Overlay Within Video

✔ Timed Call-To-Action Buttons In Video

✔ Hide Controls Option

✔ Start Videos From Exactly Where Your Visitors Left Off

✔ Integrated Scarcity And Urgency Features To Create The “Need” To Buy

✔ Newbie Friendly: Create The Most Powerful VSL Without ANY Technical Skill

PressPlay Also Includes:

☆ Custom VSL Templates

☆ Graphics Elements

☆ Player Skins

☆ HTML Timed Call-to-Action

☆ Embedable Videos

☆ Sharegate Options

☆ Facebook Comment Integration

☆ Third Party Email Integration

☆ Video Insights & Analytics

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      When does the launch discount end?

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