Not ready to password protect your entire WordPress site?
If you want something a little less drastic, you can use a different plugin to Password Protect specific Categories of posts.

For this approach, you can use Access Category Password plugin for WordPress.

Here’s what everything means:

The password – self-explanatory! The password users will use to access restricted categories.
Impacted categories – check the box for each category you want the password to apply to.
Granting users – user roles for which you check the box will not need to enter a password.
Only single post – if you check this box, post content will still display on your archive pages or your homepage. Only the single post page of posts in the restricted categories will be password protected. The default should be to leave this unchecked.


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    2 replies to "Protect Specific Categories In WordPress By Using Access Category Password Plugin."

    • Tasse

      hi, i try to use ur plugin, but i need a plugin for protecting a single Webpage, not a blog, not the whole Website. In usual you use the password protect in the page settings, but every time i use it, its needed to be logged in to my page then, but i need just a passwordprotect. w/o account registering

    • Robert Peter K.

      Hi! I am happy to see you here. Thanks for your honest interaction. Please subscribe, like and share.
      Any question you may have about the video content is welcome in comments below so I encourage you to do it!

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