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I walk you through how to setup ProveSource on WordPress
I give you a tutorial on how to setup ProveSource on ClickFunnels
You can even add this social proof app to shopify

This is one of the best social proof apps for wordpress, shopfiy, clickfunnels or other ecommerce sites for conversions.

This is an all encompassing ProveSource Review and Tutorial.

That is right, for up to 1,000 unique monthly visitors you can use Prove Source absolutely free.

You don’t even have to add a credit card to start with. Just implement and go!

Also, you can have it set up on multiple domains and the add to that 1,000 unique monthly visitors total.

So far I give it a 10/10 and I have not even had it enough to track conversions on the site.

I know from statistics from other apps, that social proof works on websites and conversions.

The best part about this app is that it is super simple to use and that Prove Source is free for new users, up to 1,000 visitors.

Let me know your thoughts on this ProveSource Walkthrough and tutorial!

What is social proof?

Social proof helps new visitors decide whether or not to make a decision on a site. It could be purchasing a product, inputting their information, or just reviewing a product.

When a customer visits your site they are more likely to convert if you have reviews or social proof available, and apps like Prove Source help provide you credibility immediately.

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