Are Records here to stay and are they still the Best?

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    4 replies to "Record Geek (Why Vinyl Records Are The Best!) EP870"

    • Geekoutdoors

      Do You Think Records Actually Sound Better Than Digital?

    • Karl Mittlefehldt

      I think I qualify as a vinyl geek. I have 364 12" LP's, 132 7" singles(45rpm), 247 Cd's and 8 cassettes. My cds are from when i was younger, and started getting into vinyl about a year ago. For me, it's a great feeling to put on a physical copy of music. I am rebuying some of my favourite music on vinyl, and will likely only buy new stuff on vinyl if available. I also love streaming. Streaming has allowed me to discover so much! Each format has its own pros and cons. As long as you handle your music wih care, it should last a super long time. I never understood why people pay money for music just to handle it crappy and wreck it?

    • XBANDtv

      Is that a Nintendo Switch carrying case next to the TV? If so, your bro and I have the same one!

    • Wednesday Rose

      So retro .. What a luddite ?? hahahaha I still collect music cd's . The problem of Vinyl is that overtime will develop skips, scratches , and develop other imperfections unless u like those things. Music Cd's will generally last longer than records. However, one advantage that Music cd's and records have is that the media is own by you unlike today model of distribution which is not owned by you but u rent it out . I prefer CD's over records but each person must decide what music/video media that they prefer.

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