Backing up and restoring your system is extremely important especially when your system crashes!!! There are many Linux Backup and Restore options available to keep your data safe in case disasters occur. In this episode, I’ll show you How to perform Linux Backups and Restore your data in very simple ways.


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    2 replies to "REPLACE WINDOWS 10: Linux Backup and Recovery (Grsync, Rsync) EP329"


      great backup video ,now is it possible to backup the packages that you would use to install a printer ,say a Brother printer.

    • ki2ne

      Speaking of backups and stuff, if you want to do something like a disk clone (for very infrequent whole-disk/partition backups), there's dd and the graphical frontend *Gdiskdump*. (even though it's no longer in the repositories for current releases of Ubuntu and derivatives like Mint, it will work on them)

      It's a very powerful and destructive tool, depends on how its used. It can be used to clone, recover (there's a version of dd called ddrescue for data recovery), and wipe disks (either accidental or intentional).

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