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Table of Contents:
0:57 – The Quick Start Sales Funnel
1:19 – Free Templates
1:49 – Landing Page) Template Selection
2:11 – Landing Page) Template Upload
2:28 – Landing Page) Page Creation
2:41 – Landing Page) Overview
3:10 – Landing Page) Headline
5:47 – Landing Page) Bullet Headline
6:18 – Landing Page) Bullet Points
8:21 – Landing Page) Pop-Up Opt-in
9:13 – Landing Page) Feature Image
9:31 – Squeeze Page
10:42 – Download Page) Template Selection
11:13 – Download Page) Overview
12:18 – Video Sales Letter) Overview
13:47 – Video Sales Letter) Headline
14:19 – Video Sales Letter) The Video
15:04 – Video Sales Letter) Guarantee
15:22 – Video Sales Letter) CTA Button (Membership Order Button)
18:00 – Video Sales Letter) Time Delay Elements
19:09 – Landing Page) Confirmation URL
19:28 – Funnel Testing

Complete Sales Funnel OptimizePress Tutorial: How To Create Your Landing Pages, Sales Pages, and Shopping Cart

I’m very excited to be bringing this OptimizePress tutorial to you because it’s something that I wish I had when I was just getting started. Not only are you going to get a comprehensive OptimizePress Tutorial, you’ll also have all the templates you need to be successful.

I sincerely hope this OptimizePress tutorial helps you to create a beautiful landing page, downloads page, confirmation page and or page. It’s really easy to get caught up in all the fancy types of funnels, however when your just getting started, there is only one kind of funnel you need.

A landing page to capture leads. Then a sales page to offer your product. That’s all you need to take your online business from nothing to profits. Well, slightly more complicated than that right? There’s all that conversion optimization and ad testing to get you to profitability. But too many entrepreneurs get stuck in the building cycle instead of the testing cycle.

This OptimizePress tutorial is all about helping you get out of that build cycle and into the testing cycle. After you build your landing page and sales page, your job should be testing, testing and more testing.

No need to over complicate your funnel with fancy landing page designs or complex upsell and down-sell sequences. A simple video sales letter with your product or an affiliate product is all you need to get off the ground.

The good news is with this OptimizePress tutorial for building your sales funnel you’ll be in the testing cycle within a few hours instead of a few weeks.

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    • מוטי כלפה

      There's no conversion machine tab in your site – please advise

    • Janique Bowen

      I had to watch a lot of videos to finally get some free valuable content! Thank you sir!

    • Irma Fitness

      You missed the Privacy Policy on the Footer. Many people get stuck on that. Thanks

    • Dolly Woo

      Hi Jason, how are they supposed to receive the final page/sales video page? The first page has a link to the second, but nothing sends you to the sales video page? Do we link this to our opt-in mailer confirmation? or do we put all three pages into an "optimizepress funnel" category so it knows? I'm lost on this last step.

    • Hector I. LabraB

      it is possible to go full width page in optimizepress?

    • Montana Diva Creations

      I have two upsells and using WarriorPlus can I do that using this? Trying to make my funnel now

    • iGnarly

      Great video! Just watch the spelling of "you're"

    • Miguel Garcia

      can you do upsells/downsells using optimizepress?

    • G Dot

      clickfunnels have better reviews than this bs sales funnel platform on g2crowd. you dogged click funnels to promote this trash… a 3.5 star system … clickfunnels have 4.3…

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