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Sales pages come in a variety of formats. The layouts are varied in order to generate any different numbers of reactions with the end results geared towards actual conversions. It is advisable to try a number of different varieties of sales pages to figure out which ones are more effective with any given target audience. Such testing will give you a better indication of what works and what does not and allow you to create more effective copy.

Effective sales pages run the gamut from the cartoon-ish all the way to the full-blown web page littered with even more ads in order to try and generate even more sales. Constantly changing styles and experimenting is always a good idea, and records should be kept to see what is effective and what is not.

The sales page should be partially geared towards a particular audience though. It is assumed that if you are marketing a product or service that you know who your target audience is. Pick out themes or layouts with them specifically in mind. For example, if a sales page is trying to close a deal on dolls, you want a background and a theme that will reflect that, not something totally unrelated. The general idea is to give them as many subtle (Or sometimes not so subtle) indications as you can about the topic at hand.

The sales page should have plenty of opportunities for the potential conversion to “sign up”, “register” or “purchase now” as is possible. The vast scope of people, even though they may have similar interests will require a number of different approaches on each sales page. It is important to remember that whatever works for one person, may not necessarily work for somebody else.

Given the variables that are always present, what works for somebody on one day, may not work on the very same person the next day. This is often known as the six-week cycle or the three-week cycle. We cover more on that later in this publication.

By writing short briefs about the product throughout the sales page, including descriptions of the product, why it is better, why it exists, what it offers that other similar products do not, there will be many opportunities to catch a different readers attention. By adding the “order now” feature after every descriptive section, the chances for success are better. What catches one person’s eye, may not catch another. This provides a multitude of opportunities to strike while the iron is hot, for as many people as possible.

There are certain keys to the success of failure of any sales page. Just like many other pages on the web, very few people are actually going to read the whole page. Highlight the things that are important on the page. Anything that highlights the product, or speaks well about it should be highlighted or italicized. Any of the limitations that help to create and maintain the sense of urgency can also be highlighted to emphasize the need for them to order immediately. Whether this urgency is because of a limited number for sale or only a limited time to order, the fact that it is highlighted will almost automatically draw their attention there and reinforce the thought in their heads.

The highlights can be actual computer generated highlighting. They could also be done using bold or italicized text. Different color fonts are a frequently used manner in which to direct someone’s attention to a particular key phrase or word. Sometimes small icons can be used to highlight points. These can include bulleted lists or small “new feature” or “Hot” icons that will invariably draw attention to that specific point in the description.

Whatever means are used on the sales page. It should be noted which ones worked and which ones did not. Records should be kept about all of the different aspects of the marketing campaign. If certain things are included on all of the successful pages, chances are pretty good that some of them are directly responsible for generating sales to a number of different people. Records will give the web publisher an opportunity to examine all of the different aspects and figure out ways to utilize the more effective ones in new campaigns in order to more fully test their effectiveness.

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