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Samson’s SR950 Professional Studio Reference Headphones is geared towards the Video and Music Editors on a Budget. Now what I’m testing today is to see whether or not these Pro Headphones can compete with my “reference” budget headphones.


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Video edited by: Tina S.

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    5 replies to "Samson SR950 Professional Headphones Review EP281"

    • Ricardo Montefuji

      Hey bro. You just test 128kbps audio streaming files. That audio has 16 khz to the higher level of frequency and you will never see a difference until you probe an Flac or Alac that at least comes to 22khz. then you may going to se the diference on clarity and resolution. there's not worth on have a good headphones with wide freciency if your not going to use that. Now that i remember, you also need a good hardware of DAC for be able to properly pass the signal. if you have a shitty DAC of less of 16bits it will not serve to play Flacs properly.

    • King's

      I have both the SR 850 and the 950 both are awesome and bang for the buck. Please remember these are not audiophile but studio reference and monitoring purpose with flat response. The SR 950 comes quite handy with minimal sound leakage while recording vocals.

    • Chama Na Rima

      please.. the sound we van hear when you testing (on trailer of jhon wick) is leaking the phones or you add on the vídeo? (i need a phone that dont leak for recording, and flat for mix)

    • hardi aljamy

      Dear the Samson has less bass because it is a studio monitoring headphone and it has a flat sound that the low. mids and highs are natural, balanced and not boosted so the monitor person can hear the real sounds in the track naturally
      But regular headphones and earphones boost the bass and treble generally to give a more enjoyable and attractive listening experience to the user
      That is why you found your self liking the regular headphones over the studio one because they are more overwhelming with bass and treble which you are used to listen to like this.

    • Miguel Hernández

      thx for the video!

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