Set up a member only site using the plugin Ultimate Member in 2 mins.

Follow these 3 easy steps.

Ultimate Member – User Profile & Membership Plugin

Step 1. Go to your wordpress dashboard go to plugins – Add New. From the add plugin page search for ultimate member or go to their wordpress plugin page here to download.Once the plugin is downloaded make sure it is activated

Step 2. After the first step go the Ultimate Member – Settings on the first tab setup make sure that all of those pages match. (Ultimate Member automatically generates those pages when you install the plugin).

Step 3. Go to the access tab switch global acess to “Site Acessible to Logged in Users” for custom redirect url set it to the log in page (You can set this page to anything you like however such as landing pages). For exclude the following URL’s set this to any pages you want to include for non-members such as registration page or contact us.

When you log out now the page that is shown is the login page. The rest of your site beyond allowed URL’s will be blocked from non-registered users.

This plugin allows for many different features such as different levels of content for different viewers that I will be making videos for in the future. Please leave a comment if you have any questions or a suggestion for a new video. I would love to answers anything and please like and subscribe for more easy do it your self WordPress videos.

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