How To Set Up JVZoo Product & GetResponse (Step By Step Guide) Visit for more free training.

Nicola Cairncross shows you how to attract an ARMY of affiliates & hordes of traffic to your offer. Free “Step by Step” guide to setting up a product in JVZoo & setting up your GetResponse email account and 1st campaign & autoresponder.

Nicola owns a Facebook Ads agency, hosts a podcast and is an Amazon best-selling author. She mentors online entrepreneurs.

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    11 replies to "Set Up JVZoo Product & GetResponse (Step By Step Guide)"

    • Roger Hanks

      Hi. Personally if I'm not the developer of the digital product or If I don't have lot's of experience in marketing digital products, I would not be offering affiliate marketing positions for the said digital product. Early on in affiliate marketing, I also did this mistake? To much too soon, for a newbie!! I'm not sure how it was with you? and if you had a technical team provided by the developer of the digital product you sold? But alot of the times, especially if you have a very hot seller that is a very sound product, that is providing a solution to a big problem. You normally have very experienced affiliate marketers and very well known affiliate marketers knocking on your door asking various technical questions about the product you are pedaling? and in some cases asking for a larger commission? If certain numbers are achieved? So this is not necessarily a good move out of the gate for the new affiliate marketer? That's just my thoughts on this topic. I must say though!! This video is a very well done, your ability to teach is very good. Almost seemed scripted at times, but I dont think it was? So" very good job on your video. I would love to see a follow up on this particular video, like in 3 months or so? to see how her numbers panned out? Take care. Hawk out!!

    • tallandhandsome29

      A bit of a curates egg- however, worth watching for the tutorial detail Thank you.

    • Nomade Lost Soul

      …..I manage to transform Your 48min Video, Into a 14H in partice…!!!!!
      I would love to do the same kind of experience like you did with your host LIVE…

    • Charul Mahajan

      Hi require an urgent help I am new to the JVZoo and I want to ask that is it mandatory to set up a getresponse account on jvzoo or can i promote products without setting up that?


      Earn money every day – Register now for free.ÔÇÄ
      Just Google "chriseo online money machine", sign up for free and then contact me for set up

    • mobileaid

      why don't i see instant sales page option on the set up screen?
      Does anyone have info on this?

    • Daniel Kerby

      Hi Nicola, very enlightening information. Thank you. Do you feel Jvzoo lacks affiliates for other industries aside from Internet marketing? For example, self help.

    • RBXAnimation

      Great thank you

    • Ray Boreham

      Video and audio go out of sync at around the 31 minute mark. You're talking about GetResponse but the video's showing adding the product to JVZoo. Otherwise, great info – thanks.

    • abdelkareem odeh

      Hello Nicola .. Thanks for this video its amazing ­čÖé … i have some questions please :-
      How i can Use JVZoo benefits on my own webiste ? if i create a sales page on my own website .. how i can link it to JVZOO ??

      also .. my product size is 1 Gega  .. how i can deliver it to the end customer ? using access membership to the content from my webiste ? or else ?
      if yes .. how i can manage this process with Jvzoo ..

      Thank you so much ­čÖé

    • Galina St George

      Very useful video Nicola, thank you!

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