This video will get you up and running quickly with the initial configuration of ShiftNav or ShiftNav Pro. Including:

1. Installing the plugin

2. Creating a menu

3. Assigning the menu to the ShiftNav Main theme location

4. Setting a toggle breakpoint

5. Hiding the theme’s mobile menu

6. Overview of Control Panel and Menu Item Settings

    10 replies to "ShiftNav QuickStart – Responsive Mobile Menu for WordPress"

    • Pawar Prashant

      but what whenever we want two side navigation

    • Pragench Chng

      I have emarket wp them and chosen mobile setting 1 is not perfectly working. Menu bar is showing and not responsive on bottom part of mobile screen. Please help how to shift or transfer it to the top and make vertical menu on the upper left beaide the logo. Thanks for help

    • Rajesh R

      Hi.. thanks a lot, i was struggling with mobile menu issues, finally got the right choices. great job.

    • James DIY

      The toggle button isn't clickable in Microsoft Edge.
      Surprised no one has mentioned this yet.

    • Tracey Best

      Hi I'm struggling trying to hide my theme menu still on the mobile website. Please help me haha

    • Fr4p

      This was so helpfull, thanks a lot !

    • sdwhitesox

      Any way to get your menu to appear below the hamburger icon when you toggle? (instead of to the side) aka no flyout

    • Linda Carlen

      Tooooooo gooooood to be true!!!!! Using the free version and together with Vantage theme your plugin did it ALL!!!!! Can only imagine what the proversion can add ….. Will download that one later for sure !!! Thanks for a superclear tutorial !!!!

    • d3ng

      Easiest responsive nav menu fix ever no weird style.css or function.php coding at all! excellent!

    • Colton Hartzell

      Great quality presentation!

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