In this video, I step inside out of the rain to discuss why your small farm or homestead business needs a website. While you may think websites are so 2010, they still have their place on the internet especially when it comes to trying to market your small business.

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    24 replies to "Should your homestead or small farm business have a website?"

    • The Real Mormon Mafia

      I’m interested

    • Michael Rouse

      Would be interested

    • Judi Flannery

      Yes! More marketing videos and info please! Thanks!

    • Queen Regina

      I've been ask if I would want to a homestead under my name or as a sole proprietorship. Can you explain would be the pros or cons?

    • Peter Vichi

      You once again provided an excellent, educational video. You are a true educatort and much appreciated. You might consider a live stream advertised with much advance notice that is devoted to a specific topic such as Building Your Own Website, or What Is Required for Me To Post a 20 Minute Video on You Tube… something I've long wondered about but believe it must take multiple hours.
      Many thanks again for another great video,
      from A Texas Transplant to North Idaho

    • Homestead Blessings

      I would love to learn how to start my own website. You got to teach like people know nothing about how to do it. I agree facebook is not the way and it would be one step closer for me to get where I want to go in life. Thank you

    • J F

      Nothing is guaranteed, Not even a website. Several were just shut down and are being "investigated" simply for posting a video. True it was a video that some people won't enjoy but it's their choice to watch or not watch. The video was the manifesto and live stream of the NZ Mosque shooter. I can assume you class is free? Like it should be.

    • BC

      Interested to hear more of your thoughts on Wix. I switched to Wix from Word Press and have been happy with it.

    • Sissy Dewoody

      Troy … such useful content …. a little higher audio maybe?

    • Jason Long

      I think that I've learned enough to raise and manage the livestock on my intended small farm, but I'm almost clueless on marketing the products that I'd like to sell. So, yes, please for some videos on that stuff.

    • Tom Angle

      I enjoy marketing videos. It is one thing to grow/raise/build produce. How to market it to make a living is another. This is were the real money is made.

    • Andrew McIntyre

      Keep doing these I enjoy these videos as well as your other ones.

    • WesTex Homesteading & Outdoors

      Great info! Can you make a video or share in the comments about the process of buying land after you make a deal with a seller. You mentioned in previous videos you used a lawyer to do the title search and such, can you go into depth on how that works? I’m currently in the process of speaking with a few land owners who have land they don’t use and might be willing to sell to me but I don’t know how to go about actually buying it with a lawyer. I really don’t want a Realtor.

    • Lisa Booker

      YES! YES!! YES!!! PLEASE!!! HELP!!! Is that enough begging for more help? You’re easy to listen to and don’t dumb it down but you also explain things in a “plain English” kind of way to help me understand. If I get mad and frustrated I gotta walk away a second to try to open myself up to the speaker again and I’ve not had that issue with your channel. You understand that we’re here because we DON’T have the background and yet WANT to understand. My family and I are about to start some new ventures and this is critical for us to get right. We don’t have a lot so what we do have we want to spend wisely. We’re just every day middle class folks trying to keep our heads above water. Thank you sooooo much. I really do appreciate all that you and your family share. God Bless ~Lisa

    • shooty

      Now we're talking!!!

    • Hill Top Machine Works

      Enjoyed. And yes to the marketing and website building videos or on line training. I bought my domain name now I just need to build my website so this video was perfect timing.

    • bev lower

      I love the marketing videos. Had to give up my "food forest" project & move into a "normal house" for a while but hope to make another attempt at food production if time allows.

    • nevets7152

      Always like your videos Troy, but lately the sound has gone down in volume, I used to be able to here without earphones but know have to plug in to here comfortably and no I am not going deaf.
      Other Chanels I have not noticed any problem with, so if you could turn up the sound it would be great. All the best , Steve in Thailand.

    • Dean Barr

      I don't agree with their editing on your website. I like the content of your video's Troy. Not because I am a fellow West Virginian,but because rural living is what sparks my interest. I was borned and raised with this type of life style.

    • Brian Hamby

      Yes keep them comin!

    • Kale Mercer

      Ya id be interested in seeing a step by step guide for setting up a website

    • Ken Jett

      Love your talks on marketing certainly learn alot. Been wanting to come meet with you and just got our transportation fixed. Soon as we can get our ducks in a row here going to contact you for a time to come down for a visit. So much to discuss.

    • David Sharrow

      Yes, definitely, I am always interested in what is possible these days as I am considering it again.

    • Rex B

      I'd enjoy another one, because I have no clue how to begin. Thank you. I would love to see you do the beginner classes; I would be an attendee on your classes!

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