In this SocialBee review I will be going over the product and comparing it to other social media automation tools to see how it fits in.

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    20 replies to "SocialBee Review – Evergreen Social Posting Automation Perfect MeetEdgar Alternative"

    • Toluca Rivers

      Hi! So the lifetime deal is expired. Do you know of any other deals for starting with SocialBee?

    • L W

      Bummer they don't have direct integration with IG and you have to go through Buffer

    • Patri Hernandez

      Fancy Pants.

    • Bauss

      like social rabbit..?

    • Daren Morreale

      How many different clients can I have on one account? I just picked up the LTD and want to use it for clients. Right now I have three clients and want to manage their social presence. Can I manage all three of them from this one account? Or, do I need to buy an LTD for each client?

    • Ana Fernandez

      Great news, Adam…this deal is on again so I clicked through to it from your link so you will get credit for it. Thanks again for all you do for our geeky community! (big hugs)

    • Susan Eckersley

      Great explanation SOCIALBEE app… Saw this on AppSumo and for $49.00 lifetime seems like a good deal. I always think I would love to have someone do it all for me but then that takes away "ME" and my value. But to be able to do one post and quickly post to to all social media across the board and schedule it is an awesome start. Txs for heads up in this video. Very thorough walk thru of the SocialBee app.

    • Daniel Sandoval

      "Getting a little fancy pants" best quote from show ever!

    • Scott Brills

      Did you ever create that video overview of how to set-up/use SocialBee, as you were mentioning in the video/comments?

    • Hot Viral

      Does it auto curate contents to our social media like quuu(dot)co too?

    • Stacey Boulmetis

      I agree Content studio is a major bummer for me.
      Can you do a follow up video on your implementation of Social Bee? That would be awesome!!

    • Our Pets Health

      Great review. Are you still using this as it's coming back on appsumo? Thanks!

    • baguaarhatic

      Adam you said you were going to make a detailed tutorial of social bee to demo ‘all the ins and outs’. So when is that happening?

    • Rise Above Performance Training

      Great video Adam and the product seems perfect for me to automate and distribute my blog content to various social media platforms. I am bummed I missed the AppSumo deal would you still recommend this for the monthly price? I'd probably only need the lowest level ($29/month) thanks.

    • Danielle E.

      Thank you for this great video, Adam. I've been looking for a social media solution for evergreen scheduling, and this app looks like it may work for me. ?

    • Ana Fernandez

      I know the deal is over, but I still cannot find it in app sumo to get it anyway.

    • jayeculture

      Thanks for the video Adam, always find your insights very helpful. (Wish you could do a review like this for every AppSumo deal!) You mentioned that you would do a tutorial as well, where can I find that video?

    • Inventorz Network and Spark Promoter

      This was great! I am curious how it compares to Sprouts Social

    • Sean Atkinson

      Just sat through a webinar for SocialBee and wanted to circle back to this review. Great call on the deal. You haven't steered me wrong on any of your reviews. Thank you…

    • Eric Strickland

      Adam do you think that socialBee could be used for clients?

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