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This is a series of videos of plugins that we have worked with in our own WordPress websites. These plugins work great in X and Pro theme but also other themes as well.


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    24 replies to "Sticky Anything on Scroll (Featured Plugin)"

    • man3656o

      How to make a sticky footer

    • Gokul K

      Thanks a Lot ! This video helped me

    • Hiya Patel

      Doesn't work at all. I used a rara theme and this plugin doesn't work at all

    • SendCedis2naira

      doesnt work.

    • Lisette de Jong

      Thank you so much! After having trouble for hours with other plugins, this video finally got me a sticky sidebar.

    • Jona Johnston

      Does it work with wpBakery?

    • Tanay Sankhe

      I've found what I was looking for. Thank you so much. By the way, what is the page builder you are using to edit ?

    • Razia Sultana

      Thanks a lot….its really helpful..

    • Tracy Allen

      I want to add a sticky note at the bottom of a website and I want it to stick with the visitor as they move up and down the page. Will this work for just a small image at the bottom of the site? Thanks!

    • Swaminathan Vaitheeswaran

      This plugin works but when scrolling the sidebar is jumping, the scroll is not smooth. When I google search, the issue may be due to javascript. Don't know how to solve this issue:-(

    • Spaces Real Estate

      Hi! Having issue with the content scrolling over the sticky section rather than behind it… anyone else? Site:

    • CreatorMonk

      Perfect tutorial for sticky header

    • maina k

      thank u so much

    • Marco Dimario

      Hey! Is it possible to stick more than 1 thing with this plugin?

    • Jan Kollar

      hi there, pls how can I stick 2 items? Header and top bar menu for example?

    • Sarosh Sheriff

      Hi – How can we stick an element to the bottom of the page ???

    • TheEndTimesGuidence

      Can we change the position ? You showed only top to bottom but I need bottom to top..

      Would you please help me regarding this?

    • V Ando

      easy way but limited u can stick only one element…

    • Laercio Civali

      Is there a way to do that with css, not plugin? Because Hello Theme and others does not define a id, only elements, and different elements for each page. Thanks.

    • Mastersoft India

      How do I get the footer to be fixed at bottom of the screen during scroll?

    • Terry Duschinski

      How do I get the footer to be fixed at bottom of the screen during scroll?


      What page builder you are usign…?

    • Joshua Michael Ballard

      Perfect! Really helped me, and it works simply and flawlessly. Thank you! Subscribed!

    • Vblog Ông Địa

      thanks you for videos great plugin free

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