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    6 replies to "STOP Wasting Money On Your E-commerce Campaigns"

    • Celestino Neto

      Really the page loading time can influence the person's psychological. There are several factors that contribute to a conversion, as stated here on the channel. The landing page is the time to capture the lead. In this case, it must be fast, well structured, with the triggers placed correctly, with the call to action well defined and clear. I'll leave a link on a landing page in the comments here that will leave everyone jaw-dropping. Take the test and then come back to comment, there is nothing like it on the market:

    • Theola Marshall-Bernard

      Is a landing page for a specific product only? Should the home page be redesigned as per the AIDA model?

    • Theola Marshall-Bernard

      I need your help desperately! I have good traffic to my online store, a good Facebook campaign, great comments about the product but zero sales and 3 abandoned carts. Please look at my site and comment on what's wrong –

    • Steve Miguel

      do you have any case studies showing a customer switching from shopify to a proper dedicated page (like you say) and showcase the extra income / stats they made? they can block out the business name and product if so, just wanna see the stats thats all đŸ™‚

    • Kiril Radiev

      can you make a video on how to link this landing page to a WordPress site , how to link it to a domain etc? I am thinking of buying it, but there are zero tutorials. I want to see inside of the editor and what I can do with it when designing the landing pages. Thanks!

    • Albert Utset

      Awesome information. Thanks!

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